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Optometrist Sydney Bush discusses his invention of using retinal photography (CardioRetinometry®) to monitor cardiovascular health via the eyes. Professor Bush has discovered that high dosages of vitamin C can drastically  improve your health.  PLAY VIDEO 


We are looking for optometrists to work with us capturing 45º images for evaluation


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Life Extension Optometry

By Prof. Sydney J. Bush

CardioRetinometry® is the new science of monitored reversal of retinal arterial and therefore, heart disease. It proves Nobel Prize winning Dr Linus Pauling´s hypothesis. Chelation, is a branch of Cardioretinometry® Unfortunately Dr Bush´s proof of Dr Pauling´s hypothesis came too late for him to see.

Chelation in both intravenous and oral forms is a valuable medical procedure to detoxify tissues, improve the blood flow through arteries, and  CardioRetinometry® is destined to advance that science.  For this and other reasons, the Institute of CardioRetinometry® is now affiliated to the American College for Advancement in Medicine and offers the Doctorate in CardioRetinometry of the Cosmopolitan University.

 Cosmopolitan University was the first University to create a Faculty of Optometry and CardioRetinometry® to advance both, offering a PhD in Optometry and the DCardioRet. Physicians (Ordinary MD´s) and Optometrists, are eligible to qualify DCardioRet, and with a 25% reduction of fees, the better trained and more highly qualified Doctors of Medical Osteopathy can enjoy the two years course.   

Nobody (including Dr Bush!) thought of putting vitamins into people and looking at "before and after" photographs of the blood vessels in their eyes! Searching for an earlier diagnosis of the blinding disease of glaucoma, Dr Bush found CardioRetinometry®! The results can be dramatic. They also reveal that some need almost no extra vitamin C to live to over a hundred. Yet. – as Dr Russell Jaffe noted, vast amounts, a thousand times greater, without which they are expected to die young are needed by some, immediately confirmed without the expensive and complicated laboratory work, by CardioRetinometry®.

With the latest high magnification cameras, we expect to observe, in minutes instead of weeks, and without dangerous x-Rays, how foods and vitamins affect our hearts and cause or cure disease.

In December 2009 Dr Bush showed the British Medical Association with photographic proof. When the cardiologists ignored their invitations to attend he chastised them stating that “CardioRetinometry® had  made coronary cardiology Kiddology!”

The old bypass thinking was finished. But at £200,000 a kick, surgeons don´t want to know!

Why is it called 'Life Extension' Optometry? - Because it will EXTEND  your life!

In the heart, the doctors have no problem in stating that the vessels are blocked. Not so in the eye. For some strange reason the eye has been treated very differently. Dr Bush has shown that images of arteries given to students today, as examples of normal health in a teaching atlas, are actually representative of well advanced disease that could lead to death. But for some strange reason they are presented as “normal.” Perhaps it has been realised all along, that here, in the eye, was the huge risk of letting the cat of medical fraud, out of the bag.

This website reveals the Criminal Medical Conspiracy to perpetuate heart disease! and reveals more corruption than any other promoted on the Internet such as useless statins;  cholesterol; saturated fat nonsense; bypasses; stents; unnecessary and dangerous X-Rays etc. -Quote freely! All exposed at the 2013 London Anti-Ageing Conference on 21st Sep.

We wish to establish a foundation for the needy to get CardioRetinometry® free of charge. Do not expect just any Optometrist to be competent to evaluate the images. 40,000 Optometrists and 20,000 Ophthalmologists completely failed to observe the changes I identified in 1999! The first 'before and after' images I uploaded to the internet were greeted with derision by my colleagues saying "Not much difference." They now wish they had made no comment.

"700 Vitamin Secrets", available from this site -Book page.
It exposes the NHS, BBC, Newspapers & Government corruption!

Professor Bush is proud to be the first Optometrist to be struck off the regsiter in the defence of Public Health against a lying medical profession, as he proved after being forcibly RESTORED to the register from RETIREMENT expressly so that a vicious and corrupt General Optical Council could strike him off without a complaint from a single patient, but in fact received massive support in 200 testimonials freely given.

Vitamin C

Our heart disease cure includes advice on sourcing vitamin C and all the other nutrients, with training in how to buy what you will need for lifetime prevention, thus saving registrants many times more than the first year cost of the programme! With age more and gender related vitamin C is needed. In 2004 Dr S. Hickey and Dr H. Roberts devoted a chapter of their remarkable Ridiculous Dietary Allowance book, to the new diagnostic, the first successful method since the Creation of Man, to properly address his fatal genetic disease -Scurvy. Dr Owen Fonorow of the Vitamin C Foundation stated in 2008, that CardioRetinometry® is the ONLY diagnostic of how much vitamin C is needed to keep our arteries clear of blockages.


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