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Optometrist Sydney Bush discusses his invention of using retinal photography (CardioRetinometry®) to monitor cardiovascular health via the eyes. Professor Bush has discovered that high dosages of vitamin C can drastically  improve your health.  PLAY VIDEO 


We are looking for optometrists to work with us capturing 45º images for evaluation


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The End of Old Medicine!CardioRetinometry® Cures & PREVENTS the Major Diseases
What EVERY Doctor must know!

An Optometrist´s REAL National Health Service

 By Prof. Sydney J. Bush


Institute of CardioRetinometry

Currently, the following positions of permanent staff are in process of awaiting completion of their appointment.

Assistant Professor of Metabolic Studies

Assistant Professor of Imaging Technology

Assistant Professor Of Cardiovascular Research.

Assistant Prof of Nutritional Research.

Contact through the UK Office. 00447932162223

Skidby House. Skidby. East Yorkshire. England. HU16 5TF.

Prospectus for the Diploma in CardioRetinometry®

Enrolment for the 1 year (compressed) practice friendly part-time DCardioRet Curriculum:

This is a one year part time post graduate course for Doctors of Medicine, Doctors of

Optometry, and other suitably qualified primary health care professionals:

USA and Canada, UK and most of the rest of the World.,

Institute fees are in $ (US) and £ GB for all Candidates

BASIC: Enrolment for the 1 year DCardioRet Curriculum: Total fees - $9,000

Conferment through a university incurs a $2,000 extra registration and graduation fee.

Tuition through the Institute of CardioRetinometry®: $9,000

TOTAL $9,000 or $11,000 if a university graduation is chosen.

(Tuition for an extra 2ndYear - Institute of CardioRetinometry®) $2,500 This should only be needed in cases of interruption of studies through illness etc.)

UK, Australia, NZ, S Africa, Israel and Europe

For all UK, European and Rest of World candidates Tuition through the Institute of CardioRetinometry®: £9,000


Other Health Professionals and suitably qualified candidates on application.

Note: English is the language for all lectures and instruction.

The bibliography will be supplkied on registration.

American Academy for Advancement of Medicine members. No discount is available.

The letters DCardioRet are acquired in perpetuity.

Registration to practise is renewable annually with the Institute 5% of gross fees is payable annually to the Institute for backup central registration of all registrants´ images.

As a condition of practice.

Practitioners are barred from supplying nutrients.

Registrants have the right to consult the Institute for the purpose of verifying oversight.

A small fee is required in cases of dispute adjudication.

"Dropout" of registrants is not permitted. Re-entry to the programme is not guaranteed and Can only be arranged with the practitioner's agreement. Registration is therefore for "life."

Training is included as part of the registration in the sourcing and most economical acquisition of nurtrients. This alone can save some the cost of their annual care as many people throw absurdly unnecessary sums at vitamin shops, both for nutrients of poor supplement/health value and excessively costly nutrients obtainable ate great savings with training in this area.

An example is the near cost of precious metals for CoEnzyme Q10 from some sources.


Practitioners around the world are accommodated to find a suitable hour for their training to fit with their working day.

An overflow course is being arranged to run from February 2018 through February 2019.

"700 Vitamin Secrets", available from this site -Book page.
It exposes the NHS, BBC, Newspapers & Government corruption!

Professor Bush is proud to be the first Optometrist to be struck off the regsiter in the defence of Public Health against a lying medical profession, as he proved after being forcibly RESTORED to the register from RETIREMENT expressly so that a vicious and corrupt General Optical Council could strike him off without a complaint from a single patient, but in fact received massive support in 200 testimonials freely given.

Vitamin C

Our heart disease cure includes advice on sourcing vitamin C and all the other nutrients, with training in how to buy what you will need for lifetime prevention, thus saving registrants many times more than the first year cost of the programme! With age more and gender related vitamin C is needed. In 2004 Dr S. Hickey and Dr H. Roberts devoted a chapter of their remarkable Ridiculous Dietary Allowance book, to the new diagnostic, the first successful method since the Creation of Man, to properly address his fatal genetic disease -Scurvy. Dr Owen Fonorow of the Vitamin C Foundation stated in 2008, that CardioRetinometry® is the ONLY diagnostic of how much vitamin C is needed to keep our arteries clear of blockages.


Contact Information

Sydney J. Bush
PP Institute Of CardioRetinometry e.mail Prof@InstituteOfCardioRetinometry.ac


(c) Prof Sydney Bush