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Optometrist Sydney Bush discusses his invention of using retinal photography (CardioRetinometry®) to monitor cardiovascular health via the eyes. Professor Bush has discovered that high dosages of vitamin C can drastically  improve your health.  PLAY VIDEO 


We are looking for optometrists to work with us capturing 45º images for evaluation


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The End of Old Medicine!CardioRetinometry® Cures & PREVENTS the Major Diseases
What EVERY Doctor must know!

An Optometrist´s REAL National Health Service

 By Prof. Sydney J. Bush


BREAKTHROUGH!!! After Official Medicine and Big Pharma´s MANY attempts to keep this from you.....


Dr Bush tells British Medical Assn Cardiologists in lecture, CORONARY CARDIOLOGY IS KIDDOLOGY!

YOU can NOW earn $2,000 to $3,000 Introductory fees from Americans and their doctors.

People are unhappy to know that 2/3rds of them will die prematurely of preventable heart attack and strokes.

The American Academy for Advancement of Medicine AND Optometry Journals & websites may copy in FULL:

The Institute is registering 1,000,000 family medical practitioners and Optometrists world-wide to study for the Diploma in CardioRetinometry which qualifies them to provide their registrants with 98% protection against coronary heart disease type heart attacks, and also gives 50% Life Extension from any age at entry.

The people need to know that their doctors are untruthful and incompetent because pharmacy restricted their training.

The doctors need to know that they can have millions of desperate people willing to throw $2/Day /$60/Month) at them for ever.


That means that doctors who see nothing but dependency on disease walking through the door to give them a living are losing the incomes from between 2,000 and 3,000 people (registrants) per doctor EVERY YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can easily earn UNBELIEVABLE incomes of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 per annum from people desperate to avoid heart attack etc.

They need to take retinal photographs every 6 months and prescribe to reverse and PREVENT further arterial disease that benefits the entire body BRAIN and HEART and prevents 50 other diseases.

REGISTRANTS have to register for LIFE! They are not allowed to "drop out" and rejoin.

The Institute registers everybody with backup retinal photographs for quality and standards of service control

Yes I used to have them throwing $500/Yr at ME as an OPTOMETRIST

So people will pay qualified doctors MUCH MORE!


THEN I RETIRED TO TEACH FULL TIME and until next year, when I have taught and qualified more doctors, I am the world´s ONLY teacher of this subject.

CardioRetinometry® with a REGISTERED EYE IN HEART LOGO internationally recognised.

The course costs $9,000 and $2,000 extra if they want to be registered with a university as well as with the Institute of CardioRetinometry.

This makes it possible for agents to persuade doctors to study and earn $2,000 for every doctor who registers and his fee paid - and for patients to AVOID doctors who refuse to change. Patients who can convince their doctors to study can ALSO earn $2,000

So anyone who wants to organise lots of people to do this educational work can earn $2,000 and more.

All that is needed to receive the $2,000 is the notification from PayPal with the NAME of the Doctor paying DrBush@SydneyBush.com $9,000via PayPal and the e-mail address of the agent who has to be paid $2,000 via PayPal.

IF AN ORGANISER comes to me and says he/she will organise teams of people to spread this world wide Principal ORGANISERS who earn $3,000 introductory fee can obviously discount the course $1,000 for the doctor.

it will be possible to pay the ORGANISER $3,000 PER DOCTOR WHO REGISTERS

It is NOT easy! But doctors ARE STARTING to understand they MUST change.

They want to live longer and not continue to die like their patients.

It is mainly that they fear eqch other but it is changing.

The ACAM newsletter (American Academy for Advancement of Medicine) carries this message every month.

If YOU are an organiser with a brilliant mind let me know!

All the scientific PEER REVIEWED papers I have PUBLISHED are with the PROSPECTUS on www.LifeEXtensionOptometrty.com

Good Luck!

"700 Vitamin Secrets", available from this site -Book page.
It exposes the NHS, BBC, Newspapers & Government corruption!

Professor Bush is proud to be the first Optometrist to be struck off the regsiter in the defence of Public Health against a lying medical profession, as he proved after being forcibly RESTORED to the register from RETIREMENT expressly so that a vicious and corrupt General Optical Council could strike him off without a complaint from a single patient, but in fact received massive support in 200 testimonials freely given.

Vitamin C

Our heart disease cure includes advice on sourcing vitamin C and all the other nutrients, with training in how to buy what you will need for lifetime prevention, thus saving registrants many times more than the first year cost of the programme! With age more and gender related vitamin C is needed. In 2004 Dr S. Hickey and Dr H. Roberts devoted a chapter of their remarkable Ridiculous Dietary Allowance book, to the new diagnostic, the first successful method since the Creation of Man, to properly address his fatal genetic disease -Scurvy. Dr Owen Fonorow of the Vitamin C Foundation stated in 2008, that CardioRetinometry® is the ONLY diagnostic of how much vitamin C is needed to keep our arteries clear of blockages.


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Sydney J. Bush
PP Institute Of CardioRetinometry e.mail Prof@InstituteOfCardioRetinometry.ac


(c) Prof Sydney Bush