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Optometrist Sydney Bush discusses his invention of using retinal photography (CardioRetinometry®) to monitor cardiovascular health via the eyes. Professor Bush has discovered that high dosages of vitamin C can drastically  improve your health.  PLAY VIDEO 


We are looking for optometrists to work with us capturing 45º images for evaluation


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End of Old Medicine!CardioRetinometry® Cures & PREVENTS the Major Diseases
What EVERY Doctor must know!

An Optometrist´s REAL National Health Service

 By Prof. Sydney J. Bush


Arterial & Heart Disease, Kidneys, COPD, Angina, Haemorrhoids, MRSA, Macular Degeneration, Tinnitus,  The common factor is Peripheral Circulation. When the retinal circulation improves, brain, glands, urogenital system,  &  and the rest of you does too!  But the NHS won´t tell you (Jobs go!) and "Health" websites vanish with these diseases.

So CardioRetinometry® is even suppressed by dishonest health websites. It´s YOUR proof!

Without a Single National Health Vitamin C Factory, & dependent on China the NHS is fake!   And Prevention more than Cure will earn doctors more! But even successive Governments have suppressed this because they don´t want to pay pensions for longer!

Read "Call Dr. Sydney J. Bush!" the gripping thriller that tells how the CIA fought Pharmacy now seen as a threat to the health of the armed forces! (Amazon Kindle) and DAY 2 of Prof Bush´s Fitness to Practise hearing, where the General Optical Council conspired with corrupt NHS medicine to stop CardioRetinometry® proved in the (almost) full transcript of DAY 2!

http://medcraveonline.com/AOVS/AOVS-06-00194.pdf for the peer reviewed paper and transcript.

Your doctor has lost Respect and Income? Read how  YOU could enjoy 98% risk reduction of typical heart attack! Because only the few honest doctors are studying for the new Doctorate in CardioRetinometry (DCardioRet). Too many are too ignorant or too lazy to learn. Many of today´s doctors deserve no respect. They are dangerous.

$1,040,250/ yr is the LEAST a good doctor can expect from £1.90/day practising CardioRetinometry prevention!! Less than a Latte for the best health.
Other "health" insurance buys you sickness care!

If my registrants were prepared to pay ME as an OPTOMETRIST $1.50/day won´t they pay an MD $2? I have actually received $2,500 as a thank you EXTRA for prevention I have provided whilst many physicians looked down on Optometrists as their highly qualified clerks. £1.90 x 365 x 1,500 = £ 1,040,250/yr!!!

Shame on them that they have to be taught by an Optometrist how they have cut their own lives short and deceived the public to stay poor by comparison! What did I say about their becoming the stooges of pharmacy? However, Cardiologist Dr. Thomas E. Levy MD., JD admits that he had to learn about vitamin C from a Dentist!

Worse: Evidence from Dr G.C. Willis, Dr Frederick R Klenner and Nobellist Dr Linus Pauling and others was covered up that showed sixty years ago that vitamin C (occult scurvy) is heavily implicated in heart disease. It is still hidden!

The fact is that your average doctor is still hoping you haven´t noticed how he is deceiving you and won´t change until you make him with your feet! You must show him that  the Internet will soon find you a better doctor if he won´t change.

The essential "Doctor Of CardioRetinometry "MD., DCardioRet." or "DO., DCardioRet," degree forces old medicine to stop profiting from "treating" disease and start preventing and curing it!  The medical profession had to be SHAMED into change. In his book "Call Dr Sydney J. Bush!" Prof. Bush shows how corrupt medical leaders colluded with pharmacy to prevent the public learning that the major and VERY profitable diseases have been preventable and curable for over 50 years. "DCardioRet" after a NEW doctor´s name now means he will not die of the same premature heart attack as kills patients uselessly asking for advice to prevent their own early deaths.

This is the most important website in the life of everyone reading it. 50 other diseases are preventable & curable.

CardioRetinometry® is the NEW science of monitored reversal of retinal arterial and therefore, heart disease. It cures and prevents much cancer too! It proves Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling´s hypothesis. The claims for Chelation, can now be evaluated by CardioRetinometry®. Unfortunately Dr Bush´s proof of Dr Pauling´s hypothesis came too late for him to see but finally cardiologist Dr G.C. Willis (Montreal 1957) is proved right.

CardioRetinometry® is destined to change the life of everybody on Earth. For this and other reasons, the Institute of CardioRetinometry® is now affiliated to the American College for Advancement in Medicine training for the Doctorate in CardioRetinometry of the Cosmopolitan University. Brilliant physicians can qualify in ONE year. Most need two years.

Cosmopolitan University was the first University to create a Faculty of Optometry and CardioRetinometry® to advance both, offering a PhD in Optometry and the DCardioRet. Physicians (Ordinary MD´s) and Optometrists, are eligible to qualify DCardioRet, and with a 25% reduction of fees, the better trained and more highly qualified Doctors of Medical Osteopathy can enjoy the two years course. Retinal arteries MIRROR Heart arteries 100%!  

Nobody (including Dr Bush!) had thought of putting vitamins into people and looking at extremely highly magnified "before and after" photographs of the blood vessels in their eyes! It was whilst searching for an earlier diagnosis of the blinding disease of glaucoma, that Dr Bush found CardioRetinometry®! The results can be dramatic. They also reveal that some need almost no extra vitamin C to live to over a hundred. Yet – as Dr Russell Jaffe noted, vast amounts, a thousand times greater, without which they are expected to die young, are needed by some, immediately confirmed without the expensive and complicated laboratory work, by CardioRetinometry®. Before Dr Bush, nobody knew how much vitamin C is needed and "Old" medicine doctors looked at scurvy every day and didn´t recognise what was killing patients before the doctor´s very eyes.  It is SHAMEFUL! WORSE. Dr Bush PROVED the corruption of the medical journals in actively blocking mentions of SCURVY! Even Nobel Prize winner Dr Szent-Gyorgyi who was the first to isolate the vitamin C in 1930, stated that nobody knew what full health was. Now, as Drs Fonorow, Hickey and Roberts and W. Gifford-Jones MD all agree, the third method is new and enables the quantification of Man´s need.

With the latest high magnification cameras, we expect to observe, in minutes instead of weeks, and without dangerous x-Rays, how foods and vitamins affect our hearts and cause or cure disease.

In December 2009 Dr Bush showed the British Medical Association with photographic proof. When the cardiologists ignored their invitations to attend he chastised and reproached them stating that “CardioRetinometry® has  made coronary cardiology - Kiddology!”

The old bypass thinking was finished. But at £200,000 a kick, surgeons don´t want to know!


Why is it called 'Life Extension' Optometry? - Because it will EXTEND  your life!

In the heart, the doctors have no problem in stating that the vessels are blocked. However they are untruthful. Dr Bush was BANNED from the BBC after broadcasting LIVE that the cardiology GRADE ZERO is a scandal. Because the doctors cannot admit total failure, they have resorted to calling up to 49% blockage of the heart´s major arteries GRADE ZERO.

In CardioRetinometry®, we call that between Grade 2 and Grade 2,5 of 4 grades. That IS BAD! To cover themselves the cardiologists shamefully, make a joke saying that GRADE ZERO does not mean that you cannot have a heart attack "walking out of the hospital," as Mike Reid (TV´s Frank Butcher in East Enders) proved within two weeks of getting the "All Clear!" For mysterious reasons the teaching of eye disease has been treated very differently. Should it be called fraud or corruption? Dr Bush has shown that images of arteries given to students today in Optometry schools, as examples of NORMAL health e.g.,similar to what is shown in the MODENO atlas, are actually representative of well advanced disease that could lead to early death. But they are presented as “normal.” Perhaps it has been realised all along, that here, in the eye, was the huge risk of letting the cat of medical fraud, out of the bag. Michelson et al (1979) proved 100% retinal & heart arterial disease correlation.

This website reveals the breaches of USA Ant-Trust law. If, as many scientists and cardiologists agree, scurvy (low blood levels of vitamin C) is the precursor of coronary thrombosis, then criminal medical conspiracy to perpetuate heart disease is revealed. What follows that, is the possibility of even more corruption such as statins;  cholesterol; saturated fat denied by many scientists as harmful, bypasses and stents shown to be surgery for simple deficiency disease, and dangerous X-Rays etc leading to thousands of cancers annually in the UK and USA. (NHS UK figure alone is 700!) Quote all this freely! Most of this was revelaed on 21st September 2013 at the London Anti-Ageing Conference.

We wish to establish a foundation for the needy to get CardioRetinometry® free of charge. Do not expect just any Optometrist to be competent to evaluate the retinal photographs.  40,000 Optometrists and 20,000 Ophthalmologists completely failed to observe the changes that I identified in 1999! The first 'before and after' images I uploaded to the internet were greeted with derision by my colleagues saying "Not much difference." They now wish they had made no comment. Then followed virus computer attacks, 2,000 virus bearing websites from Russia and a stream of threats from the UK NHS to stop the research also attacking doctors who had cooperated. The highest nutritional, medical and Optometric authorities in the World, and 200 testimonials from patients WITHOUT A SINGLE LAY COMPLAINT, could not stop the UK General Opptical Council corruptly striking Dr Bush from the register as an obvious warning that they were determined to help corrupt medicine maintain heart disease for NHS profit and jobs. After retirement, they had to reinstate Dr Bush to the register to be able to symbolically strike him off! What else could they do to try to stop people learning the truth?

"700 Vitamin Secrets", available from this site -Book page.
It exposes the NHS, BBC, Newspapers & Government corruption!

Professor Bush is proud to be the first Optometrist to be struck off the regsiter in the defence of Public Health against a lying medical profession, as he proved after being forcibly RESTORED to the register from RETIREMENT expressly so that a vicious and corrupt General Optical Council could strike him off without a complaint from a single patient, but in fact received massive support in 200 testimonials freely given.

Vitamin C

Our heart disease cure includes advice on sourcing vitamin C and all the other nutrients, with training in how to buy what you will need for lifetime prevention, thus saving registrants many times more than the first year cost of the programme! With age more and gender related vitamin C is needed. In 2004 Dr S. Hickey and Dr H. Roberts devoted a chapter of their remarkable Ridiculous Dietary Allowance book, to the new diagnostic, the first successful method since the Creation of Man, to properly address his fatal genetic disease -Scurvy. Dr Owen Fonorow of the Vitamin C Foundation stated in 2008, that CardioRetinometry® is the ONLY diagnostic of how much vitamin C is needed to keep our arteries clear of blockages.


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