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700 Vitamin C Secrets

 700 Vitamin C Secrets

Prof. Bush Lays it Bare.
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The Choice is Clear! A FREE UK NHS or USA style Heart Attack (60% of deaths) or 98% Risk Reduction by the new Science of CardioRetinometry monitored retinal (And Heart) arteries with scientifically controlled supplements and dietary advice that is SEEN to work!

Click here for Video interview with Dr. Bush OUR PHOTOGRAPHS PROVE IT!

What more can honest physicians say? "Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't!"
-Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD. Epoch Times

The physician would allow the patient to die - rather than admit the power of vitamin C - beyond the range of a vitamin! -Google Dr Sydney Bush BBC Interview


Eventually Every Optometrist will be a Doctor of Optometry in touch with Post Doctoral Higher education as an Institute Member, striving to maximise his patients' Life Expectancy ending Heart Bypasses! Choose your Optometrist carefully if you want to live longer!

See the bottom of the page for notes about fees for the Cardioretinometry (R) program.

Choose Your Optometrist Carefully! It Could Add 20 Years To Your Life!

Stroke and Heart Attack risk reduced by approx. 98%

Optometrists can either be basic practtitioners sending images or Doctors of CardioRetinometry(R) able to evaluate and prescribe to dissolve the blockages out of your arteries:
  Western Medicine has been corrupt, advising that arterial disease cannot be reversed and insisting on Heart Bypasses since 1957.

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  This book exposes the many ways you and your family risk early death from doctors trained only to prescribe Pharmacy Drugs.

Hearteries(TM) nutrients have been all natural since 2005

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Extracts from 700 Vitamin C Secrets
(And 1,000 not so secret for Doctors!)

Cholesterol synthesis: Normal liver function, more important than dietary cholesterol in regulating blood cholesterol. (Ravnskov. "The Cholesterol Myths" - Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease)

Cholesterol Very low density: Lipoprotein alpha [Lp(a)] is inversely proportional to and is a surrogate for vitamin C in Pauling/Rath theory. As an arterial and venous repair substance, it is not a risk factor for heart disease, it is a risk ‘marker.’ Pauling /Rath theory considers Lp(a) to be a metabolic countermeasure for the loss of Man’s ability to convert his blood glucose into vitamin C in the liver as do 99.999% of other animals.

Periods of scurvy are compensated for when collagen cannot be made in the body, by the laying down of extra cholesterol as Lp(a) acting as a preservative of the watertight barrier function of the blood vessel endothelium, threatened by pulsatile forces. Animals which are genetically re-engineered to ‘knock-out’ their gamma Gulono lactone gene which effects the final conversion of glucose in stages into vitamin C, suffer the same painful death after haemorrhaging as do humans in the last stages of scurvy at which point Western Medicine recognises it.

Physicians keep up the pretence that vitamin C is not involved in heart disease, completely ignoring all the evidence from animals that never have heart disease but make large amounts of vitamin C. They are also compelled, in keeping up this pretence, to ignore the fact that the Brown Bear of Canada and Russia, has a cholesterol level three times as high as Man’s average – usually around 16mmol/L. It is because CardioRetinometry proves that lies are being told about blood cholesterol indicating heart disease (as Ravnskov has also revealed) that the author is repeatedly attacked by Medicine.

It was the author’s use of vitamin C in his contact lens practice that revealed the truth of Pauling/Rath theory; that showed that there was no relationship between blood cholesterol and arterial disease and that saturated fats are irrelevant. Falsification of the decades long cholesterol studies have resulted in the faces of eminent doctors being portrayed on the Internet with their threats to sue being ignored.

Cholesterolysis: – The name I prefer for the dissolving of cholesterol especially by Vitamin C.

Bypass operation: Entirely preventable when performed to remedy obstructive coronary artery disease due to prolonged chronic occult scurvy. Preventable. Curable if caught early enough. (Most people under 50 and many over 50)

CardioRetinometry - Photographs of the retinal arteries expertly evaluated show the extent of the coronary artery disease WITHOUT X-RAYS! (750 New Cancers/yr due to NHS Heart X-Rays)



Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't! - Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD (pen name) Medical Correspondent. Epoch Times.

This is a life changing book. I promise that nobody who reads it will disagree with my patients saying below, after seeing their healed arteries, it "has changed their lives!" Be horrified at the corruption it exposes in the Health Service and how doctors treat you as expendable! Google for - Bush BBC Epoch - to hear me accuse the NHS of corruption LIVE!

The back of the book says:
In a letter to Dr. Bush, Dr Owen Fonorow wrote . . . (re SCURVY) March 2008 “- - - you have the only viable
method for determining the proper/optimum/accurate amount of vitamin C on an individual basis. Now people know they need vitamin C, but how much? Is bowel tolerance the right amount, or can I take less and keep my arteries clear?

Only CardioRetinometry® can provide that analysis non-invasively, without radiation, etc.”
-Owen R. Fonorow. PhD. MS. ND. Chicago March 2008.

“From Professor Richer To Dr. Paul Farkas Editor USA Optometry Forum - - -
“I have known Sydney for about 3 years and visited his Hull UK practice.” He is the Winston Churchill of Optometry.... we have been working on a very nice paper for some time now, I expect it may eventually get published in n electronic journal...he opened an entire world to me as far as looking at blood vessels, - - -You will learn a lot if you listen to him..."  -Stuart Richer, OD, PhD, FAAO.
Chief of Optometry. Asst. Prof Preventive Medicine. Chicago. May 2008

"The doctor would allow the patient to die rather than admit the power of vitamin C”  Dr. Fred Klenner. MD. Similarly expressed by Dr. Julian Whitaker. MD. in his Foreword to Dr. Burt Berkson’s Alpha Lipoic Acid book.

 "Total drug sales in the US for 2009 = $300 billion. The war between medicine/corporate institutions and optometry is grossly unfair. Dr. Sydney Bush has unequivocal evidence to support the power of Vitamin C. His work and his book should be compulsory for all health care professionals, especially optometrists. Optometrists everywhere are obligated to provide their patients and communities with the best possible care.We have the tools. We need the knowledge. Dr. Sydney Bush is the teacher." (Dr. Schell's Review)
Chris Schell, O.D. [Optometrist. Barrie. Ontario. (SJB)]

Dr. Sydney Bush “is causing a shortfall in the uptake of cardiology services at the Hull Royal Infirmary." -Complaint to UK General Optical Council by Dr. Mark Hancocks. Hull NHS. PCT alleging my physician friend’s name used without his authority.

CardioRetinometry® is clear evidence of how Vitamin C can reduce heart disease.” Ascorbate: the Science of Vitamin C authors, Dr. Steve Hickey PhD., Dr Hilary Roberts PhD.

“Dr. Bush: You cannot have a NHS contract and tell NHS patients arterial disease is reversible.”(Curable!)
-Dr. Sue Butler. Hull NHS PCT July 2008. Her statement offered for her comments/correction before publication (to colleagues.) Toronto Sun. 4th Nov. 2009.

“I believe his research on the cause of coronary artery disease deserves a Nobel Prize” – “Historic discovery”
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD. (pen name for this surgeon ) Epoch Times International Newspaper published USA, to China in 17 countries and 37 languages.

2nd December 2009. Dr. Bush lectured British Medical Association (Hull & E.R. Branch) on Nutritional Preventive CardioRetinometry at the invitation of chairman, Snr. Hull Physician Dr. Robert Mitchell. MB. BS., LRCP. MRCS. In a blunt statement of what he considered to be the facts, he stated that “Optometry has bypassed the Bypass and made Coronary Cardiology Kiddology.”

CardioRetinometry® confirms the scurvy research of Canadian Cardiologist Dr. George C. Willis’ MD. who
invented X-Ray coronary angiography specially to show arterial disease reversal by vitamin C. This has been deniedby cardiologists ever since, causing the untimely deaths of hundreds of millions of family men and orphaning even more children. . . .Sydney J. Bush.

“You are probably still here because your work is necessary for all Mankind.”
Dr. Mervyn Ritchey DC., Specialist in Radiology; President BCCA, Chair Continuing Education Canada.

Cost varies according to plan selected. Plans are available by email from Professor Bush.
Charges may increase after heart attacks and strokes.

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