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Pocket-Sized $200 Fundus Camera Reduces Pupil Dilation (click to read)

A handheld nonmydriatic fundus camera can be assembled inexpensively with mostly off-the-shelf electrical components, researchers showed.


Sydney J. Bush comment:

The major application of this technology is CardioRetinometry® This requires 6 monthly imaging but for rapid and economic evaluation there has to be compliance with five constants. Doctors start qualifying in May 2017.

1. The imaged eyes must not be anything other than exactly level every time.

2. The illumination should be unvarying or at least include a grey scale.

3. Image size must be constant.

4.Images must be annotated ON THE IMAGE with name, dob, & date of capture.

5.Images must be perfectly centred.horizontally and vertically without the aforementioned rotation.

Failure to comply with these requirements will incur extra time and cost in evaluation of coronary heart disease.

As more doctors and eventually ALL doctors will be required to be DCardioRet to provide 98% risk reduction

of coronary heart disease, thrombosis, MI, stroke and most other cardiovascular disease, the life expectancy of physicians will increase in parallel with their patients by an expected 50% from age at entry & actuary tables..

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