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How can we decide the dosage of antioxidants or multivitamins to be given to a patient?

Posted on 24/3/16 by Sydney Bush

This question was posted on ResearchGate on Mar 2nd.

How can we decide the dosage of antioxidants or multivitamins to be given to a patient?


My reply and the discussion:-

Quite simply: The reason why is at the end of the day - loss of profit. Vitamin C is poison to pharmaceutical profits long term.

People are writing to me from all over the world about the silly articles being published about so called unnatural vitamin C.

I suppose it falls to me to answer this stuff as Heather correctly says (I don't want to sound pompous) but one of these authors is a musician and publicist.

  • FACT: We have adapted to ascorbate that kills our viruses and harmful bacteria and leaves our beneficial microorganisms.
  • FACT: If that were not so we would all be dead!
  • FACT: The goat can produce 100 grams from its blood glucose/day.
  • FACT: The Institute of Medicine's 'Manual of Dietary Reference Intakes' states [re his warnings about "oxidised" vitamin C. (Dehydroascorbic acid)] - The term Vitamin C refers to both ascorbic acid (AA) and Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) since both exhibit antiscorbutic activity - and then gives 100 pages of valuable information about it.

The quoted article is very much like those placed by Big Pharma. Dr. Marcia Angell Ex Ed NEJM drew my attention to the figures which I play with here for fun.

We might calculate that for every single milligram of vitamin C that the public can be deterred from consuming, there will be a gain to Pharmacy of perhaps 1/3,000th* of $20,000,000,000 per annum (half their annual profit tax paid) gained from perhaps circa 2 to 3 Billion people within reach of the global pharmacy market (TV weapon of mass deception) derived from an income dependent on scurvy related diseases e.g. from preventable cardiovascular etc.

(* 1/3000th is a wild guesstimate for the maximum amount (3grams ?) which if taken across that population might halve Pharmacy's $40,000,000,000 - my last info - for their annual post tax profits quoted in 'Fortune 500.' ) plus the medical profits from disease on top of that. So EVERY SINGLE 1mg of vitamin C taken daily by say 2,500,000,000 people could translate to $6,600,000 annual loss to World wide Big Pharma. Put your own guesstimated figures in for amusement. Ending PREMATURE heart disease for maybe half the population as is likely with 3,000mgs of AA/day would dent profits without considering 50 other scurvy related diseases all hidden from medical students.

Ascorbate researchers must feel suicidal having to read such views. No bacteria in 'organic' apple juice! What bacteria would be expected in ANY properly produced apple juice? All apple juice and fruit juices must be pasteurised. Otherwise they would be exploding all over the supermarkets? As for GM ascorbic acid. I see no problem with that. GM is to be avoided because of Monsanto's tricks producing herbicide resistant seed that - if overtreated as is encouraged - might harbour toxins that people fear could persist into the food chain?

As for 'GM' ascorbic acid? Give me it any time!

Ascorbic acid is ascorbic acid is ascorbic acid as they say! It should help detoxify any herbicide or pesticide! If there was truth in this I would be dead. I consume 20-30 grams/day of 'GM' sodium ascorbate. I'm 84. I don't need a stick and can cha cha or walk as far as I want at 3MPH. Not the slightest sign of arthritis or high BP. 100/60 is regular sitting here but since I blew my mitral valve I have 5mgs Bisoprolol to calm me down and the smallest Ramipril and digoxin. Bumetanide clears my excess fluid at 90Kg. Big Pharma DOES produce some GOOD drugs for which I am VERY grateful and GOOD HONEST DOCTORS HAVE HELPED ME SURVIVE!!

Oxidised ascorbate is better absorbed than ascorbic acid ! Any (oxidised) older fruit will have more DHA. It is reduced back to AA by our erythroidal glutathione.

There is merit in Natural d-alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) with its full range of alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols and all their tocotrienols. Synthetic dl-alpha Tocopherol (Note well DL) is used in misleading studies to show how ineffective vitamin E is. You can design a study to produce the results you want - ask questions is such a way as to get the answers you want. It's the same pattern. There was never any explanation for reducing the RDA of 'E.' Such low RDAs cannot be justified like the paltry RDA for 'C.' They are both genocidal and marvellous for pharmacy profits.


Response from Named Contributor replying available by the website link above

Wonderful to see this level of truth as opposed to the usual in-doctor-inated dogma. Please be patient with me here as I am not a scientist but a private researcher.... So when I had intravenous Vit C after the removal of my amalgam what form would it have been? Can whole Vit C be put into a tablet form at all? And which form of Vit C are you referring to Sidney for heart health? I know we humans are a rare species as we do not make our own Vit C and that there are two areas of the body where it is in high concentrations - in the fluid around the brain and semen. In fact any doctor who does not give intravenous Vit C to a patient with meningitis should be charged with attempted murder!

My focus is mental health, I know from personal experience that high doses of vit C, D and B vitamins can take me out of psychosis within a few days without medication. (I am convinced my 'injury' was mercury poising). Linus Pauling worked with Abram Hoffer on the principal that its an oxidizing effect in the body that causes psychosis. I have been told that Vit C can also return a person to normal who is stoned on weed. It makes sense that illicit drugs and the chemical concoction of adrenalin, noradrenalin, DMT, dopamine and cortisol both induce toxic shock in a continuum from stoned to psychosis. In fact Patrick Holford in his book Optimum Nutrition for the Mind lists psychosis as one of the symptoms of Vit C depletion.

 In regards to aspirin, I have seen research whereby magnesium was a key component during trials but it has since been removed. Magnesium of course is a muscle relaxant and crucial to good health. With the effectiveness of aspirin sitting at 1% above placebo and the glass of water probably the greater effect one has to wonder why every doctor on Earth is such a fan.... Even blood thinning alone is achieved better with Vit C than aspirin.

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Sydney Bush ·

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Perhaps now as Constantine very sensibly proposes ("A modest proposal") they will carefully consider the views expressed here and simply remove the down vote box. I am sure that will encourage more contributions and reflect greater honesty in the forum.


  • Response from Named Contributor replying - available by the website link above


I will continue to press this point, as that down-vote button is just too tempting to use in a punitive or retaliatory manner, upon mere disagreement, and that is a wholesale corruption of its intent, and contrary to the communal and collaborative spirit that ResearchGate wishes to encourage. We can all acknowledge that our rhetorical / debate partners and adversaries are not enemies, and that contrary opinions can contribute to the conversation.


Response from Named Contributor replying available by the website link above

Getting back to the original question: Dosing nutrients--food for thought from the perspective of a practice that uses nutrients as nutrition:

-It is not so much how much is in the supplement, but what actually reaches and is absorbed by the body. Delivery is important. Most organic nutrients that cannot be eaten in the form of food are best delivered enterically (delivered with positive charge in the upper intestine to join with the negative ions of the intestinal wall where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream). But this presupposes that has been tested for 1) safety, 2) pre-digested into an easily absorbed form, 3) that its delivered strength supplements in approximate fashion what a given body needs, undeterred by other absorption issues.

-Is the dosage therapeutic or for maintaining homeostasis? If therapeutic, are simulative modalities like deep cold laser, medical massage, essential oils, etc. helping direct the therapeutic properties to sites of lesion?

-Is its action directly therapeutic or indirect? Is it for stimulating IMs (as in anti-inflammatory cytokines production, T-Cell, B-Cell, Macrophage production). Sydney raises interesting hypotheses about the stimulating effects of Vitamin C--in which case we need to define Vitamin C in several bioavailable forms: Synthetic or simply ascorbic acid or ascorbate (ascorbic acid combined with calcium carbonate?), natural crystalline (which most people recognize as "natural" but in truth is a rough approximation), delivered organic (in highest bioavailable form delivered sublingual, absorbed through stomach wall, or enterically through intestines), whole foods (from which the body decides how much is needed through its food-to-nutrition synthesis process).

Titration is individual and requires skill on the part of practitioners. But, all in all, not all nutrition is equal or of equal bioavailability, making it difficult to suggest dosage for either conditions or patients. Some day, hopefully, we see medicine treating chronic disease with nutrition instead of drugs, saving the more aggressive pharmaceuticals for acute disease. Then, we will see wellness and healing as the true goal of healthcare.


Sydney Bush ·

I don't want to bore others but the latest Israeli retinal camera, with its remarkable ability to resolve corpuscles in the retinal microvasculature and consequently the impaction of lipoprotein alpha in the compromised anascorbaemic endothelial lining, may offer the possibility of evaluating the effect of all nutrients and medications within days. An undoubted (?) circadian rhythm exists that I wrote about nearly ten years ago ( ) and logically follows Pauling/Rath theory. I think we can say 'Theory' now, because I am confident that fair minded people will agree that CardioRetinometry reduces the hypothesis to practice as Denham Harman would say.


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