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Heart Bypass and Stent Surgery Compensation:

Hundreds of heart bypass victims have become eligible for compensation following surgery with uninformed consent if, as in court, it is a legal requirement to tell the whole truth! Very many more become eligible for compensation following surgery to insert stents into their heart arteries.

Those who can now claim compensation (and it seems there are few exceptions) did not sign a statement before their surgical procedures, confirming having been informed that since the year 2004, massive photographic evidence confirmed Double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling´s and Cardiologist Dr Matthias Rath´s predicted non-surgical reversal of arterial & heart disease. Never before seen changes in the retinal arteries are
100% representative of the heart´s coronary vessels as stated by medical researchers.

These are - from the Cardiovascular Section,   Department of Medicine - Doctor Eric L.  Michelson MD, and Cardiologist  Doctor  Joel Morganroth MD; and from the Department of Ophthalmology   Dr Charles W. Nichols MD., and  from the Cardiothoracic Surgery Section   Dr Horace MacVaugh III MD. all in the  University of Pennsylvania School   of Medicine. They showed in Archives Internal Medicine Vol.139, Oct 1979  the 100% relationship between the retinal arterial condition and the heart´s  coronary arterial disease. This has been also shown by me to my medical   colleagues and the cure in hundreds of cases of "Before and After" photos  and has been repeatedly advised to the medical profession by me as   detailed below, my last official notice being given by me 26th Aug 2010.  on BBC Radio in a Live Interview of 9 minutes after which I was banned  from any further BBC interview for carefully telling the 100% exact truth.     


1.)  1954   Disease had been demonstrated reversible in the human  heart by cardiologist Dr G. C. Willis MD (Montreal) which  he achieved supplementing his patients with Vitamin C  and demonstrated with X-Rays, being the first to do so.   

2.)  1990  Hypothesised by the world´s only double Nobel Prize Winner,   Dr Linus Pauling.before he died in 1992, researching and   publishing his papers with cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath MD. 

U. S. Patents granted  # 5,278,189    And U.S.Patent 5,230.996     

3.)   Dec. 2003. to date   Publication on the Internet of retinal photographs before and   after vitamin C supplementation, show arterial disease being   reversed as shown and proved in many retinal photographs  for the first time. ( Images  now available on both my own and many other authorities´  websites.   

4.)  23rd July 2004 & 26th Nov 2004.  Publication in the British Medical Journal "Rapid Response   to Wong" of news of reversal of arterial disease   and the advice that the reversal of arterial disease was being   witnessed;  that it had become predictable regarding its disappearance in the arterial system as seen in the retina of the   eye, and that it was happening in people with both high and low   cholesterol people, simply by encouraging supplementation with   Vitamin C which was being dispensed in the practice and advised   to prevent both contact lens related eye infections and allergy.   Prof Wong refused to respond to either letter, although it was  plainly against the public and scientific interest to ignore  the evidence. He should have suggested further research. He  still refuses to recognise these developments.   

5.)  2008. Linus Pauling Therapy & CardioRetinometry®  Described in detail together in Dr Owen Fonorow´s notable  "Practicing Medicine Without A License"  a valuable record  Published 2008. ISBN: 978-1-4357-1293-5 (Lulu) fully  informing the medical profession that surgery was no longer  an automatic choice.   

6.)  2nd Dec. 2009  My lecture to the British Medical Association with  very many photographic proofs and 200 written testimonials  (almost 400 - over 90% - were wanting to write testimonials)  from excited and happy patients telling everyone how they  had seen the evidence themselves in their own retinal  photographs of the disappearance of their arterial disease   and restoration of blood flow to their anaemic eyes.  The cardiologists who were individually invited to attend  refused to come to the lecture.    

7.)  26th August 2010  My LIVE interview on BBC Radio Humberside in which I  confirmed my claim to being able to CURE incipient (starting)  coronary heart disease (CHD) and describing the fraud of  cardiology´s Grade ZERO coronary artery disease as still  leaving one vulnerable to a fatal heart attack - as happened  to East Enders´ TV star Mike Reid. (Frank Butcher).   

8.)  Sept 2010  Publication of "700 Vitamin C Secrets," that explodes   the myth that arterial disease cannot be reversed.   


All this is the 100% truth.  Sydney J Bush.  Prof of CardioRetinometry®  18th April 2016

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