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Followed since 2008 by suppression of honesty in Optometry!  SEE the AOP's Deafening Silence!


In the week ending 25th September 2010 I wrote to Dr. Sue Butler of the Hull Primary Care Trust, offering to cure all the HULL NHS doctors' Coronary Heart Disease FREE OF CHARGE. They are my most severe critics! I would cure their arterial disease exactly as 200 of my patients (some of them doctors) have testified in writing to seeing the reversal of their own arterial disease (see below.) In Mid October 2010 I handed my newly released encyclopaedia “700 Vitamin C Secrets (and 1,000 not so secret for Doctors!)” to Dr. Sue Butler's secretary.

She ignored it as before.  SEE  for nearly 2,000 things you should know that most doctors and the NHS are totally ignorant about and can cost YOU your LIFE!

Optometrists are understandably frightened of the NHS & PCTs.

On 2nd December 2009 I lectured the Hull British Medical Association and told them "With these many photographs of reversed arterial disease, I have shown that Optometry has BYPASSED THE BYPASSS and made Coronary Cardiology - KIDDOLOGY!" My fee was cancelled!


 A Canadian Optometrist read it and wrote "

 "The war between medicine/corporate institutions and optometry is grossly unfair. Dr. Sydney Bush has unequivocal evidence to support the power of Vitamin C. His work and his book should be compulsory for all health care professionals, especially optometrists. Optometrists everywhere are obligated to provide their patients and communities with the best possible care. We have the tools. We need the knowledge. Dr. Sydney Bush is the teacher."            


Mystery: In the week ending 2nd. July 2011 The UK Association of Optometrists announced success in seeking a judicial review and reversal of a regional NHS PCT's unreasonable requirement that an Optometrist conducting a domiciliary eye examination should carry with him equipment for perimetry (visual field testing.) 

When the Hull PCT banned me in July 2008, from informing NHS patients that arterial disease is reversible, making my silence on the subject a condition of having a NHS contract, the AOP made no move to initiate a Judicial Review - despite this being of life saving importance to every man, woman, and child in the UK !   Why?

I challenged the AOP's  expected "Deafening Silence" on the UK Optometry e-mail Forum. No satisfactory answer has been received to date - 3rd. July 2011.

Approximately 20 peer reviewed medical papers confirm that arterial disease is reversible with drugs and, I maintain - supported by 200 written testimonials from my patients (SEE BELOW) -  that it is the proper clinical function and obligation of the Optometrist to be able to inform and offer nutrients - rather than drugs - to effect this reversal. The photographed beneficial rejuvenation and improvements in the retinal arteries, and correspondingly the heart's arteries can often be easily seen by everyone. 

The actual living arteries and their blockages, can therefore be directly seen in microscopic detail and monitored frequently by monthly to annual photography, impossible with heart  X-rays.

Heart X-Rays cause 700 new NHS cancers annually. The first paper to reveal the reversibility of heart disease (and, as stated, retinal arteries correspond) was published by Dr. G.C. Willis in Dec. 1954 in the Canadian Medical Journal and was suppressed as the lucrative bypass operation was being researched.


The World's Greatest Scientist, who stopped atmospheric atom bomb testing and devoted 40 years to vitamin C research, Linus Pauling (2 Nobel Prizes!) was frustrated at never being able to prove his hypothesis.  His co-worker cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath MD., has invited me to work with their team. 

 The front cover of my book - innocently titled "700 Vitamin C Secrets" but explosively revealing the corruption in Medicine (as described by Dr. Fred Klenner MD) is endorsed by one of the World's most celebrated medical columnists

 "Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't!
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD.  Medical Corr. Epoch Times."

The Epoch Times is the most widely distributed newspaper in the World (37 countries; 17 Languages.)

He is a fine doctor - a Toronto Surgeon and in 2008 and again in 2009 he wrote in the Epoch Times "Dr Bush's historic discovery is worthy of the Nobel Prize." This is all being ignored by Hull's ruling medical body, the PCT.


In 2008 Dr. Butler returned to me the books describing the reversal of heart disease written by two cardiologists and two pharmacologists, describing my reversal of arterial disease. I had purchased and inscribed the books as dedicated by me to the HULL PCT. Returning them was an insult to everyone.

 Doctors hide from the Public that they too have and die of thrombosis. They want to continue advising US!

Try finding the statistics of the causes of death of medical practitioners! Impossible! It is too bad for business for the public to learn that the doctors who so vehemently condemn cholesterol and saturated fat die of coronary thrombosis and stroke. My Offers to the PCT to save our Hull doctors have twice been ignored.


I am convinced that the physician members of the Hull PCT and Hull's doctors are honest and have been caught up in a fraud of unbelievable dimensions killing tens of millions in the West that makes them extremely frightened to speak. The Corporate Manslaughter Act might lead to many doctors at the top being criminalised. Human Rights legislation can also be used. Medical Negligence lawyers refuse to act. They want to preserve medical negligence claims.  Every day we hear of swine flu or meningitis or pneumonia killing people.

My BBC broadcast you be heard via:


It describes how New Zealand farmer, Alan Smith's family had to TWICE fight the doctors through the courts to MAKE the doctors inject vitamin C at 1,000 times the RDA for vitamin C which cured his Swine Flu within 48 hrs after 2 weeks unconscious, the doctors trying hard to insist the life support be switched off.   Dr. Thomas E. Levy MD, JD,  Dr. Robert Cathcart MD, & Dr. Fred Klenner MD,  and many others all say that vitamin C at up to 5,000 times the RDA cures virtually EVERY viral or bacterial disease, even many cancers. BUT THE National Institutes of Health have refused for 50 years to submit this non-toxic vitamin to that test and have let millions die whilst misleading the public which proves - as if it were not obvious, that Public Health and the health of the Medical Profession are mutually destructive.

I have evidence that elements in the UK Press are taking money from Pharmacy to suppress this news.

Also, Hull Daily Mail Refused to report my lecture to the BMA doctors 2/12/09

MYSTERY! Dr Thomas E Levy's video saying how Liposomal Vitamin C cures almost everything has mysteriously been taken down from the websites of the many well-wishers who hosted it!

YOU DECIDE if the HULL PCT's doctors are too frightened to act.  They boycotted my lecture to the British Medical Association on 2nd December 2009 so I insulted the untruthful doctors in the profession with this public statement backed by the solid evidence of thousands of photographs.

I stated "With these many photographs of reversed arterial disease, I have shown that Optometry has bypassed the bypass and made coronary cardiology - Kiddology!" Even that drew no response! Except they withheld my £200 lecture fee!

Don't they WANT to cure Coronary Heart Disease? Is there some kind of conspiracy like the one I proved in my book? Honest medical friends in e.g. Psychiatry, are laughing at the discomfort of their colleagues in cardiology!

 (See below for my MP, David Davis' position)

Foreign Doctors say to me “England is a very dangerous country to be ill in."

Proposed Prospective C-H-DOCTORS Study.

Coronary-Heart-Disease Obliterating CardioRetinometry® Therapeutics Trounce (its) Occult Recondite Scurvy Source)


One Doctor bought 12 copies! Another says I deserve the Nobel Prize!

Listen to the USA Jeff Rense Radio Show about my work.  Be patient  - it is very slow starting .  Click here - one of them will work!   Audio (5 minutes): Intro to Sydney Bush's Cardioretinometery  Audio (5 minutes):

What are the 3 Stages of Heart Disease Cure?

Stage 1. We stop the disease. (Only a partial cure and not demonstrable by X-Rays!)

Stage 2. We show it is in reverse with plaque lessening. (Cured! Also not easily demonstrable by x-rays)

Stage 3. No trace of former disease. This may take years to achieve at the same rate as the plaque grew e.g. 2% to 4% per annum, but in the case of footballers, an accelerated programme is used to build up the arterial infrastructure that the arterial plaque was reinforcing. Yes, it is in the veins too! The cholesterol plaque was keeping the system watertight and it is my hypothesis that a layer, one or two molecules thick, is an important part of the system, providing lubrication for the blood flow and minimising blood pressure.


At any of the 3 stages - over a period of approximately 1 to 3 months -  a heart attack can occur if the nutrients necessary to prevent it are not in the diet.   The danger can be seen by time lapse photography at more frequent intervals than the standard 6 months.


The Internet is the only option when UK newspapers and peer reviewed journals won't report facts, and I cannot get a question asked in Parliament by David Davis MP. He will not even bypass the protection around the Minister of Health by placing a copy of my book exposing the frauds into the Minister's hands saying "He (Mr Davis - my MP) is not a postman!"  Paste this link into your e-mails - Now Tom Kark QC has his copy and I hope to be called to give evidence at the Mid Staffordshire Hospital Inquiry, but in fact My Book Says Enough!


 PUBLIC PETITION:  Suppressed Heart Disease CURE!

200 of my patients have written testimonials - see below. . .

Optometrist Dr. Sydney J Bush DOpt., PhD. appeals for support. To protect their position the PCT has damaged my image and character, smearing my reputation in Hull, refusing me a new NHS contract, but also, as Head of the Faculty of Optometry and CardioRetinometry® it is my duty to fight this organisation and get the truth out to the public and all who have suffered what several cardiologists now state are unnecessary heart bypasses, and are going to suffer open heart surgery. I appeal for your support against medicine maintaining heart disease for profit and jobs. Unbelievable? But if an Optometrist tells you - It's Got To Be True!


Why are Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Health Minister Mr Lansley doing nothing?

Copies of the book have been sent to Downing Street.

The book begins with the statement


Quite simply, the war will decide if in the future, Optometrists prevent disease or doctors get rich treating it! Many doctors are now furious that if Optometrists can diagnose heart disease in the retina, they are the best to monitor its disappearance and to know better, how healthy you really are.


CardioRetinometry®  is recognised by honest medical experts and suppressed in Hull, the UK and by UK newspapers, suspected of making money out of the pharmaceutical business by threatening them with articles about genuine heart disease prevention and reversal and the loss of £Billions in medicines, and transplants and bypasses.  It is the latest and best way to measure occult scurvy the cause of over 90% having coronary heart disease and over 60% dying of cardiovascular diseases.

The Hull PCT, by refusing me a contract, for over 2 years except on their terms that I do not inform NHS patients that arterial disease is reversible, has compelled patients to leave for NHS services I cannot provide, breaking my research connection with them, endangering the employment of my trained staff, and thus destroying evidence to show there is an alternative to the heart bypass.  Was this their intention?

Wherever you live – this affects YOU!  Send your e-mail petition to and your M.P. , pasting  I demand a Public Inquiry into how the PCT could cancel Dr. Bush’s NHS contract, destroy and ignore evidence of heart disease cure.

The Association of Optometrists, the College of Optometry and every optometrist connected to the e-mail forum is well aware of this scandal.  All are doing nothing, probably from fear of losing their own standing with the NHS and for some - typically in high office - the real risk of losing their chance of  'traditional' honours for not ‘rocking the boat.’


Dr Sue Butler the respected head for Hull NHS, has stated in correspondence that they want honest debate in the medical journals. But the papers are published already; before the journal corruption began in 1958.  George C. Willis MD. Matthias Rath MD, Linus Pauling (TWO Nobel Prizes) and with US PATENTS to boot - what more evidence can they possibly as for? They just ignore and suppress it.


As I said on Radio Humberside (Aug 23rd 2010)  - the medical journals are a corrupt playing field. They move the goal posts and won't publish even a letter mentioning OCCULT SCURVY. You can find only ONE mention of OCCULT SCURVY in the peer reviewed medical journals in 20 MILLION PAPERS! An ex-editor of the BMJ admitted it! Yet the many diseases caused by Occult Scurvy are listed WITH their occult forms e.g. occult haemorrhage, occult diabetes, occult hypertension!, and what is more

Occult Scurvy is a principal cause of death!

Try getting it mentioned in a medical journal!

Over 1.25 million papers on seven of the main scurvy related disease are identifiable on the National Library of Medicine database search engine Entrez PubMed. These are Oliguria, Trauma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Haemorrhage, Aneurysm and Shock in Infants. 3,328 papers on these diseases treat with the 'occult' forms of the diseases. 1,770 mention vitamin C. only 191 mention scurvy although every one of them should as they are dealing with the very diseases nominated by the physicians themselves as principal components of the complex scurvy syndrome of diseases numbering over fifty. (This could be just more than half the group of 90 Free Radical diseases identified by Denham Harman since publishing the Free radical Theory of Ageing and Disease in Nov 1954.).


Although the Occult forms of the diseases are recognised in every case (3,328 papers) not a single paper admits to occult scurvy, the parent disease. This is a dereliction of medical duty, an abuse of the public at best and downright fraud against people at worst.


The British Medical Journal and the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics have both refused me right to publish anything mentioning "Occult Scurvy."


Click on Celebrated Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD’s Toronto Sun article and  listen to respected Jeff Rense on his USA Radio interview with Dr. Fonorow

Audio (5 minutes): Intro to Sydney Bush's CardioRetinometry® read noted CBNTV presenter Gailon Totheroh interviewing Dr. Bush for TWO DAYS at CBN TV (List of 70 Supporting Doctors and ABSTRACT of scientific paper)


Dr Bush’s exposure of the corrupt National Library of Medicine Archive suppression of mentions of scurvy in favour of less alarming “vitamin C deficiency.”

Dr. Fonorow’s Nexus Magazine article quoting CardioRetinometry(R)

Link to Cardiologist Dr. Thomas E. Levy’s book


Read Cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath’s book “Why animals don’t get heart attacks – but people do.


Question: Should a portion of the 2010 £9 million grant from the British Heart Foundation (from public donations) Heart Foundation to the Hull PCT be handed to the Not for Profit - Institute of CardioRetinometry® for REAL research yielding real protection. ACTUAL VISIBLE REVERSAL OF ARTERIAL DISEASE THAT THEY WANT TO HIDE! 

Our work has shown REAL results without any funding at all since 1998. This is the only REAL progress in heart disease and vouched for by 200 real Hull people in real written testimonials to Dr. Bush’s work, and not more of the same that has done nothing to prevent Hull being one of the worst cities in the UK for death from heart disease? The PCT has never been short of money for heart research so what good will the extra do?  Promote more of the cholesterol con?


Below ... From the respected   VitaminCFoundation.Org Website

"Dr. Sydney Bush, a noted British optometrist, is the founder of CardioRetinometry, a new medical field that analyzes the future health of the heart. 'We are looking into life's secrets,' Bush said, "When we look inside the eye - to call it a crystal ball of your future is an understatement." 

"In addition, Bush found that vitamin C can improve that future. With Cardioretinometry, doctors can actually track how much vitamin C diminishes the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels."

  Dr Fonorow - "Cardioretinometry is the only way anyone can be sure he is taking enough vitamin C to be sure his arteries are improving."

 Professor Wong said in 2004 in the British Medeical Journal - that he could predict who would develop hypertension ten years later.

I have news. I can predict who is most likely to have a coronary thrombosis before it.

The GOOD NEWS is that after telling us all those oils and margerines are good they can all be seen to be damaging. Restaurants should fry in BEEF DRIPPING - the same kind of saturated fat that our bodies make. Unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats OXIDISE!  That's bad news for brain cells. Every restaurant should have a vitamin C shaker on the table with sodium L-ascorbate to use instead of salt. THAST would be a real health benefit. the only healthy oils for cooking are olive and coconut and unrefined palm oil. ALL THE OTHERS ARE FORBIDDEN to my heart patients who are monitored every six months by CardioRetinometry Retinal photography.


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