Life Extension Optometry


Live Longer! -See Better! for You and Your Optometrist
with Foreword by Dr. Sydney Bush DOpt., PhD

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"Prof Erickson's latest nutrition book fills an obvious gap so that optometrists will have to be sharp now, to avoid having their patients know more than they do!

Enhanced by Dr Bush's contribution, this was a logical development from his discovery that heart health study, via the retina, using his CardioRetinometry is the future. His Life Extension protocol is so ground breaking that it is deserving of a Nobel Prize, in ridding the world of the greatest cause of death in the western hemisphere.

What better way to start with the heart, build better vision and reduce 'death by heart attacks or crippling strokes'" Dr Kenneth Walker MD., PhD. Known World-Wide as medical Journalist Dr. W Gifford-Jones MD.

Dr. Bush is the 4th of UK record of 5 generations of Optometrists. Hull University and Kings College Medical school where he disagreed with the teaching. Worked under Mr John Magnus FRCS for a year after passing 2nd LRCP., MRCS; qualified DOpt., top of the class with a cash prize spent on a Tonometer, the first Optometrist in the UK checking for glaucoma this way. Mentioned daylong on BBC Radio for discovering double the expected glaucoma, even in teenagers.

The first Electronic Retinal Camera in the UK brought the discovery that retinal arteriolar reflex is disease and designed a simple cure. Qualified Yachtmaster, played squash rackets to age 75; four brilliant children; attacked & vilified by Medicine & UK General Optical Council for proclaiming heart disease cure & arterial disease reversibility.




Call Dr Sydney J. Bush!

-Will new science CardioRetinometry save the World?


An Optometrist discovers a new science & cure for heart disease that puts his finger on the nuclear button! Cardiologists want to kill him for ending the $30,000 heart bypass!

The name he has to find and register for the new science to strengthen hearts, halve Medicare and NHS costs, and make most people live to 110 is CardioRetinometry®.


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