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Media Attacks and Disinformation

What lies the Pharmaceutical industry likes to spread...


Disinformation 4 Making Cholesterol and Saturated Fat into villains!

The graph that scared everybody away from saturated fat and stampeded the world into all the new margarines and oils that farmers use to fatten pigs and actually CAUSE  cancer and heart disease in humans! Clever! How to get rich!  The food industry made people ill with cheap  low fat high sugar foods, fattened people, caused even more cancer and heart disease and probably far more pathology with oils we were never meant to eat without their natural vitamin E long gone by the time you got it. Women in China get lung cancer in factories frying in these oils.

Cardiologists´ OUTRIGHT LIES.

They start with arterial disease “not reversible.” They continue with their grades. The lies go on for ever.
This is a typical proof that cardiologists lie. Their Grade Zero is a very dangerous state of heart disease.

They cannot tell the truth because it means admitting absoluter failure as doctors  to either understand heart disease or be prepared to be truthful with the public. They are very clever people so which do you believe?




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