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The retina acts as a surrogate outcome indicator of heart disease, controllable directly by the effect of prescribed nutrition to combat those deficiencies that cause the disease that we have always been taught was "healthy." There is still argument about the origin of the reflex, but it is clear from the positions of the features, that the angles cannot be compatible with Snell´s law and must therefore represent either blockages inside the vessels or thickening of the vessel wall in association with the blockage. This seems to be the most likely.

What this means is that the old interpretation was never right. Whether those who argue this or that is unimportant, because whether the reflex arises from thickening or intraluminal obstruction (atheroma) the prognosis is the same. Poor!

What is actually seen and measured precisely in the successive retinal photographs, as  Dr Bush has proved, is what is still being taught as simply an "ensheathment" of the arteries. It appears to be a little more complicated than that. Especially at the birfucations we see "buttons" of plaque obviously protecting the endothelium of the septum which divides the artery. This septum is performing the work of dividing the flow and is subject to impaction by red blood corpuscless that erode it, unless protection is put in place. Pauling-Rath theory suggests that Lipoprotein alpha Lp(a) is the repair mechanism, that maintains the system watertight, and provides a "shield" against fatal erosion and aneurysm. Raised Lp(a) levels in the plasma are therefore, not a coronary diseaase "factor," but a coronary disease "Marker". Without the raised cholesterol level we would die! Seen from many angles and always of the same appearance, this cannot represent light reflecting at the optimal angle of incidence to comply with Snell´s Law. Doubtless some thickening of the arterial wall occurs, but this is without doubt, intraluminal plaque.   Blockages inside the arteries, not around them! On this website we show both heart disease and hypertension, that all appear to be reversible. Interestingly, the veins are just as prone to the atherosclerosis as the arteries despite the current received medical wisdom that veins are never affected by atheroma. Harmonic like patterns of atheroma are visible in the veins, like the patterns in a jet engine exhaust seen on testing. These  are all reversible and easily identifiable in the images we present here.
 The patterns reveal the haemodynamics of blood flow.

This leads to the statement – if what has been taught as “Normal” because EVERYBODY virtually has the same appearance – then by definition, if as Dr Bush seems to have proved, and extra vitamin C dissolves the plaque and ends the risk of heart attack, then  EVERYBODY has SCURVY!

Now we know that this finding would greatly upset medical and pharmaceutical profits enormously! If it proved that we can determine in this way exactly how much vitamin C every individual needs for optimal health, there would be no more coronary thrombosis, strokes, aneurysm, much less kidney disease, neurodegenerative disease and even perhaps half the cancers would disappear.

So the knowledge is unwelcome for it makes our authorities appear incompetent - which indeed, he has proved - they are. The proof of their incompetence (or is it corruption?) is the ridiculously long continuing epidemic of coronary thrombosis and cardiovascular disease from which the majority, as he has shown, die young. His evidence supports that of a growing number of honest doctors who have all tried to publicise this and failed.

Unfortunately, the Pensions burden may be the reason why the government ignores his work, the books he has sent them, and the mass of photographic evidence. The Welfare State simply may be unable to maintain us beyond the 100 years that CardioRetinometry®

If you didn´t know by now that diabetes, brain tumours, blinding  vitamin deficiencies and much more can be diagnosed from retinal photographs, you will quickly learn it here.

Then you can lobby your MP to do something about the doctors who have maintained the lucrative trade in heart bypass surgery for deficiency disease, yes, simple vitamin C  deficiency.

Is there a catch in this simple deficiency? Yes. After several perplexing years of research, Dr Bush concluded that some unfortunate people need a thousand times more vitamin C than others, and schizophrenics, as Dr Linus Pauling reported, mysteriously need ten times more than others.


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