Life Extension Optometry

100 of 200 Testimonials to CardioRetinometry® from all over the UK & Basic (Minimal) Supplement Advice.

All the testimonials have been written under the general heading
“Dear Dr. Bush, Thank you for showing me the improvement in my arteries. I am sure the reductions of cholesterol demonstrated have given me life extension and am happy to sign with my name and address granting freedom for others to contact me to verify the truth of this statement and releasing copyright on my images.” Patients who want to sign a testimonial are asked not to mention vitamin C unless they are sure it is relevant.

Before listing just a quarter of the testimonials my patients wanted to give me, we closed the list at half (200 written appreciations)  I want to emphasise that very few were taking the whole of my advice. If I list the full range of nutrients you might be disappointed but remember that almost all the people came to be staggered by the difference in their arteries that not one of their doctors (and certainly not the NHS trying to stop me)  was doing for them.

The most basic advice to help keep you safe and that can nothing but good is . . .

Ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate (if you don´t have any water in your ankles) 1,000mgs to 3,000mgs (1gram to 3 grams in a cold drink) SIX times a day reducing to find what suits your bowels – which can be as little as one gram a day or less up to huge amounts (Dr. Russell Jaffe found some needed 130 GRAMS, confirming my findings.)

Such people may have dental toxicities, or other conditions dragging them down.

Vitamin E (NATURAL) 1,000iu/day.

Lysine (Pure powder) 1 gram 3 to 6 times/day.

These things will help but not guarantee to prevent strokes and coronary thrombosis heart attacks. The ONLY KNOWN WAY to measure your needs properly as they vary enormously through life is CardioRetinometry® and regular 6/12 retinal evaluation.

IMPORTANT: Registrants are trained in sourcing pure and economic nutrients


1. “Thank you so much for the last ten years. I have enjoyed your pleasant nature and wonderful insight!. The power of vitamin C – Magic. Well worth the trip over to Hull – wouldn’t change a thing (Smiley face) Thank you Dr. Bush. C . Knaresborough. N. Yorkshire” ( 3 hrs round trip)

2. I can honestly say that Vitamin C has increased my health and my eyesight. DC, . Hull.

3.  L. University Professor (Watched improvements since 1998) .

  4.  Dr. Bush may harp on about the benefits of vitamin C at appointments but the images he has shown me today prove that it is very worth while. Thank you Dr. Bush  McG. 

 5.  Vitamin C definitely has improved not only the health of my eyes, but no doubt the health of my whole body – Remarkable! S J. HULL

 6.  Vitamin C has a positive effect on my health and my eyesight. K I.  East Yorkshire.

 7.  Vitamin C has had a positive impact my health and condition of my eyes and reversing the position of 7 years ago (Referring to blocked arteries in the retina SJB) C D.  Huntingdon. Cambridgeshire. 29th Sept 07

 8.  Vitamin C has improved my health and my eyes without a doubt. R. H. 18-11-08

 9.  Vitamin C has had a positive effect in my life. L. P. 12th Feb.08 

10. Prof. Bush has shown me the positive effect vitamin C has on both my eyesight and general health. C. G. 27th Feb 08.

 11. A. S  from  Swindon (A long way from Hull!)

12. I agree with Professor Bush, the remarkable benefits of taking daily vitamin C. Proof is the comparison of my retinal arteries in a ten year period. L Q.  North Yorkshire  31st. March 2009

  13.  Cannot think of anything else but Vitamin C. Dorothy A. . Hull. 28th Nov 07 (Interviewed by Tom Prendeville for a report on consecutive patients for the Health Supplement of the London Daily Mail Dec 07 aborted for Bayer Full Page Advert.

 14.  The difference in my eyes and health in the last two years is remarkable. 100% due to vitamin C.  K N.  East Yorkshire. 28th Nov 2007. Interviewed consecutively after Mrs A (above) by Tom Prendeville for the Prendeville Report in the Health Supplement of the London Daily Mail aborted for Bayer Full Page Advert)

 15. F. R.  Beverley. 28th Nov. 2007

 16. P.S.  Driffield. East Yorkshire 28th Nov 07.

  17. Taken Vitamin C as advised by Prof. Bush and am delighted with improvements in my health. K.M. G.  East Yorks.

  18. Will now take more vitamin C as advised by Dr. Bush. A.O.

  19. Vitamin C definitely works! B.J. East Yorkshire

  20. Vitamin C works and it’s about making friends and family aware as well! N R. 12th Nov. 08

  21. C B.   Hornsea. East Yorkshire. 19th Nov 08

 22. Very good. Eyes improved over 10 years. Thank you Dr. Bush. S. G. 21st Jan. 09

  23. He talks sense and gives good advice which works. Listen to Dr. Bush. S.O. 23rd Jan. 2009

  24. Excellent! D.L. N. Lincolnshire. 31st Jan. 09

  25. L.O.  14th Feb 2009  WALES

  26. Good Advice also from the nurse.  S C.  East Yorkshire 16th Feb 2009

  27. Good Advice. T B. . East Yorkshire. 13th March 2009

  28. Advice has changed my diet and vitamin C taken., P W.  Hornsea. East Yorkshire 14th. March 2009

  29. J.E.  Excellent Eye care 27th March 2009

  30. Excellent eye care and great advice and vitamin C. L F. . East Yorkshire. 10th July 2009

  31. Dr Bush has opened my eyes to Vitamin C with lower cholesterol. M.H.  HULL. 6th Feb. 2009

  32. Definite improvement with vitamin C   S. W HULL Nov? 07

  33. Improvements are due to vitamin C intake. T R. East Yorkshire Nov 07

  34. Very impressed with my results. All down to Dr. Bush M B  Hull

  35. Pleasantly pleased with improvements. Dr. P (Anaesthetist) .  Leeds.

  36. Pleased with my improvements today. M.G.

  37. Saw change from last time I was here and I had stopped taking the vitamin C. I could see I had deteriorated.
          I shall most definitely start taking vitamin C again.  -D.V. Hull.

  38. L.F. Leeds 18th April 09

  39. I have lower cholesterol now than 10 years ago. K.R. East Yorkshire 13th. June 09

  40. Feeling better as I get older due to vitamin C. N.C East Yorkshire. 

 41. Improvement since taking vitamin C  S. M. Beverley

  42. I have no doubt that vitamin C has improved my health no end taking about 1 Kg/year. R (Public Schoolmaster)

  43. Made me aware of vitamin C – improved already. D.B. HULL.

 44. Impressed with improvements observed. T. A Hull

  45. D. R Nr. Doncaster DN14 7HE

  46. Very impressed. S. W. E. Yorks.

  47. Always a pleasure. G. M. HULL

  48. Impressed with results of my test. A. D.  HULL

 49. Excellent care A.S. Hull.

  50. Great! Thanks for all the info. It helps. MD.E. Yorks

  51. A great help. Keep up the fight. G.H. East Yorkshire.

  52. S. H.P SCOTLAND  Thanks.

  53. Definite improvement. T.W. Hull

  54. Excellent now. I am going to live for ever! I.B. E. Yorkshire

  55. I am more aware of vitamin C and as I have got older things have improved. Thank you. S.J. Hull.

  56. Improvement with vitamin C. C.W. HULL

  57. The improvement must be due to the extra vitamin C I have consumed over the last 9 years. Thanks Prof!  M.B. Hull

  58. I have been taking vitamin C for a long period of time on Dr. Bush’s recommendation and have not had any colds and
          my cholesterol has improved. Thanks. J.G. East Yorkshire.

  59. I think vitamin C works for me. P.K. East Yorkshire. 4th June 08

  60. Very impressed with the improvements in my blood vessels. I.L. HULL.

  61. And thanks for all the lectures! It’s finally sunk in. M.L. 14th June 08

  62. Vitamin C has improved my eye health S ( Solicitor) 9th July 08 HULL

  63. Vitamin C has definitely improved my eye health and my general health      M.J. Cambridgeshire    26th July 08

  64. Daily doses of vitamin C have clearly helped judging by my 10 year photo B.H. Hull. 2th Aug 08

  65. Excellent – now my blood vessels in my eyes are now 10 years younger. J… 18th July 08

  66. P.P. All the advice has helped over the years. HULL.

 67. Thank you S.J. 22nd Aug 08 Hull.

  68. Excellent advice over the years has helped enormously. M.A. 24th Sep. 08

  69. With vitamin C I feel healthy and fit at 60 years. I do not take any medication – proving that vitamin C is the answer and natural.
          C.W. East Yorkshire.11th Dec 07

  70. Dr. Bush has proven to me that I have benefited from taking vitamin C.  P.N. HULL. 2nd Feb 08

  71. Dr. Bush has shown me my eyes have improved and taking vitamin C has made a difference. A.R. HULL

  72. Vitamin C has definitely given me greater health issues. B. Y. HULL

  73. Feel privileged to have Prof. Bush’s advice Eyes have improved thanks to vitamin C. M.S. East Yorkshire.

  74. 19 years under Dr. Bush’s care. Definitely a learning curve. with some way to go. V.G. 16th April 08 HULL

  75. Vitamin C has changed my outlook and health. P.M. 22nd April 08 HULL.

  76. Dr. Bush has made me think about my general health and ways to improve it – his vitamin C has been helping. J.M.
         (Insurance Executive). 25th April 08

 77. Dr. Bush has been telling me about vitamin C for years. I take it ever day and he has shown me the difference. C.R.(West) HULL

 78. Dr. Bush is ahead of his time. P.S. 7th Oct 08 HULL

 79. Vitamin C for me. Thank you Dr. Bush

 80. 10 years younger in my eyes. What can I say? H.S. 15th Oct. 08 HULL.

 81. 10 years of cardiovascular improvement. Dr. Bush is a miracle worker! J.T. East Yorkshire 5th Nov. 08

 82. More vitamin C please! G.S.

 83. A picture says a thousand words and these stills are amazing. It is all in the eyes. Top Work! C.W 9th Jan 09.HULL

 84. Optician for many years, wouldn’t change, Very kind also his staff are fab. S.K.

 85. Recent eye test photos show improvement from my photos of 10 years ago. Thank You! A.B. HULL

 86. Given me an awareness of the true need for supplements but I do I without them. Well Done! Keep up the good work.
        -A. C. T.   N. Yorkshire.

 87. Been with Dr. Bush for over 20 years and thanks to him my sight is still very good. K.H. HULL

 88. Down to vitamin C. Very pleased. A.C. East Yorkshire.

  89. Looked after by Dr. Bush for 30 years. Top Man. S. ex Pro footballer, coach.

 90. Refreshing approach to health care. M.N. East Yorkshire.

 91. Amazing! Thank you! M.B. East Yorkshire.

 92. I have seen the difference. D.M. HULL.

 93. Very impressed with my reduction cholesterol with vitamin C   supplement A.S. Beverley.

 94. Convinced myself that the benefits of vitamin C will improve my health. K.B.   E.Yorkshire

 95. I am convinced that vitamin C works. A.H. Hull

 96. Very convincing. Evidence speaks for itself. D.R.   E. Yorkshire

 97. After all these years of Dr. Bush’s advice I am convinced vitamin C  works. A.B.  HULL.

 98. I am convinced vitamin C works. S. S.  E.Yorkshire

  99. Definite improvement to cholesterol and some improvement! due to vitamin C!. Thank you! . Withernwick. East Yorkshire.

  100. After taking Dr. Bush’s advice my arteries are vastly improved. First class service always.   L.C.   Hull.