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Dr. Sydney Bush DOpt., PhD Optometrist and founder of the science of the reversal of heart disease as measured via time lapse photographs of the retinal arteries - the technqique that eluded Double Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Linus Pauling - who was first with cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath - to describe a plausible cause of coronary heart disease but lacked a means of evaluating it except with life shortening X-Rays.
Nutritional CardioRetinometry® dissolves and visibly records success testified to by 200 patients. Cameron, Clegg and Hull PCT all have copies of my book detailing the biggest fraud in history costing the UK £BILLIONS

Sydney Bush discovered in 1999 that vitamin C appeared to be dissolving cholesterol inside retinal arteries of his contact lens patients. (See over 100 written testimonials, on my Testimonials page.


Until then the white line along these arteries was taught as being a ‘sheathing’ in the wall of the artery. Sydney Bush brought realisation that Optometrists were looking at actual changing cholesterol internal blockages.CardioRetinometry® was the name he devised to describe the relationship between eye and heart arteries. It could have been retinocardiometry or quite truly, cerebroretinometry (kidney and brain are equally affected)  RetinoCardiometry was rejected because it is the retina that is being measured directly. It is serving as a precise surrogate outcome indicator of the coronary arterial disease. So CardioRetinometry® was judged to be the correct name for the new science. The diseased state of all these arteries is shown by very precise measures at the highest magnifications. Optometrists on the kind of forum dedicated to such professionals, embarrassed themselves by being unable to see differences that virtually “stick out like a lighthouse” to others. Even some lay people easily outperformed colleagues who later wished they had made no comment.

Without the ability to perceive the changes at frequent intervals, one can do little to guide people to a healthy diet. CardioRetinometry® changed all that overnight!

See here for a great video with Dr. Robert cathcart entitled "Mega C for Viral & Other Disesases"


  1. The accuracy of X-Rays compared with high magnification visual measures using retinal arterial photographs is almost non-existent. In practical terms we could compare the discriminatory power of photomicrography with X-Rays as like being able to count a hundred of the finest grains of sand compared three or four pieces of gravel.

  2. With X-Rays even once a year is dangerous exposure to cancerous gamma radiation.

  3. With Retinal photography one´s arteries can be inspected before and after meals, all day and every day for years.

  4. Cardiologists don´t tell people that their X-Rays cause cancer at the rate of 700 new NHS cancers every year. Nor do they mention that the whole procedure has been known to kill.

  5. Nor do they dwell on the problems of stroke or that they joke about people dying as they leave hospital after their X-Ray investigations and – like East End actor Mike Reid, having been given the “All Clear” Grade Zero verdict on his arteries. He was dead within two weeks!

  6. They never mention that their might be a harmless and - oh so inexpensive - alternative to the X-rays, and a system that does not, and cannot even pretend to cure anything.

  7. Cardiologists NEVER tell anyone that vitamin C can dissolve clots and arterial blockages.

  8. Many websites point to lots of other natural clot dissolving herbs and nutrients. But vitamin C alone is probably the most powerful and cheapest and least toxic that we can find in foods like peppers and tomatoes and Puerto Rican cherries that are almost one gram vitamin C tablets! Vitamin C toxicity rivals that of water!

  9. I recommend only powder – no tablets, with a backup of other antioxidants.

  10. Simply put, Western Medicine imposes dangerous X-Rays that are the wrong tool for seeing cholesterol. X-Rays cannot show the age and colour of the cholesterol, only shadows. Vitamin C dissolves it harmlessly. X-Rays earn £Thousands for doctors and hospitals. WE can't DO X-Rays! Heart X-rays require a dose 40% of the annual limit for nuclear power station workers. Cardiologists’ X-rays are too dangerous to try to use to show blockages increasing or decreasing. It has been done successfully and was first done by G. C. Willis in 1954. His vitamin C work was then rejected and suppressed. They didn´t want a CURE! X-Rays are unethical and reckless now that we have CardioRetinometry®.

History of Cardioretinometry

The History of CardioRetinometry® is becoming a large book.

Much can be read of the attacks from medicine and pharmacy in "700 Vitamin C Secrets (and 1,000 not so secret for Doctors!)" -See our book page here.

The first doctor to buy the book bought 12 to supply to his hospital colleagues! He is an honest doctor.

The endosement on the front says "Nobody who has read this book will trust any doctor or nurse who hasn't! Dr. W. Gifford-Jones MD. (Medical Corr. Epoch Times)


Google for "CardioRetinometry Attacked!"

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